You are what you say…

So, we all have heard people say :you are what you eat: I am NOT saying this isn’t true, but I AM saying that I also believe that very importantly YOU ARE WHAT YOU SAY. And when I say “you” know that I am included as well. I had noticed that C ( my 5 year old son) had started to show some signs of limited belief in himself, doubt possibly, discouragement. Not exactly sure what, but I knew that I NEVER wanted him to believe anything less than what I know to be true about him. So I started thinking about what he hears. What he hears myself and his father say to him. What he says to himself. About 2 weeks ago, a video went around Facebook… *and if it’s on Facebook, it’s true*

It was of a father and his young daughter and he was speaking life into her. So, I started doing this with C on the way to school in the morning. He was hesitant some days, and I continued this. I would say things like “You are smart. You are a good friend. You are patient. You are respectful. You are fun. Today will be a great day.”

Then about a week later I thought, kids don’t do what we say (revelation I know…), they do what they see. So, I started my own affirmations. I got real with myself and allowed C to hear that. “I am a good mom. I am patient. I am able. I am motivated. I am a good wife. I am worthy. Today will be a great day.”

What I noticed, is that as I began to speak life over myself: and to do it boldly, he began to become more agreeable to him speaking life to himself.  WE ARE WHAT WE SAY.

My white board beside my bed/on my desk says this right now… “I am worthy. I am able. I am patient. I am a great mom. I am beautiful. I am enough.”

What would your white board say? What does your child hear you speak about yourself?

I am not asking you yet to believe what you are saying, because I know that if I asked that not many would participate. BUT, I am asking you to speak life to you. Be as kind to you as you are to your best friend.

Challenge, List 5 things that you are and speak them out loud over yourself each morning. Own it. Be it.

I am..


The 3 year journey…

I wanted to start by just sharing briefly what got me where I am at now. And I will try and make this short and sweet!

In October of 2013, I had lost myself. I no longer knew who I was. How I got there doesn’t really matter but… I was around 308 pounds (don’t know when that happened), was a mom who was on the couch, and a wife that was hidden. I put on such a good front, I didn’t even know how miserable I was. There were moments when I saw the light for a second, or a glimmer of it. And I would try something to change my circumstances. But just for a moment. In December of 2013, my world crashed down. My marriage was literally in crumbles, I realized my life was passing me by, and I wasn’t the mom I was made to be.

Since this moment there have been so many changes. More than I need or want to go into now. But 3 years lathk9kxyu07ter, my marriage is better than it was then, C (my son) told me today I am a sweet mommy and I have lost enough weight to truly change my life, my activity, and my health. My spiritual life has grown to a place that I used to fear and probably made fun of others who had this. I am extremely happy in my chosen career.

And NONE of what I just mentioned is perfect. Yes, I am perfect in HIS name, but there are struggles. There are “old Jordan” moments.

This first post is to share with those that don’t know me where I’ve been. But know, that even if there are times when “where I’ve been” is talked about. What is truly more important is to focus on where I am going, on my (and Your) specific assignment on our earthly home. This place is intended to be a a shared experience of this journey. Thanks for joining me.